A Year Long Flight


 A Year Long Flight captures my mixing of a new (to me) photographic tool with the awareness created from studying Urban Planning. Looking through a historic lens that focused on physical structures and the moments and chances that created them, I developed a sense that caused me to drift into my own direction. In reality, it represents a continuation of the exploration begun by the running/photography project, Mile by Mile. This project, from 2016, allowed me to physically run the full length of every street in the entire City of Buffalo. Through flying, the spirit continues without being restricted by roads, highways, or other man-made paths. Having essentially unlimited direction and height, under 400 feet, it opened up a new way of seeing the world.

Many of the clips are from places that are not easily accessible, our chosen modes of travel, work, and home limit what we actually see, know, and experience. We often project that we realize more than we do. During Mile by Mile, I quickly realized how little of my hometown that I actually knew because I chose the same methods of travel over and over. Running every street showed me places that I had never been and more than likely will never be again, but flying opened up new views that exposed even more of the city that I call home.

Watch the Mile by Mile TEDxBuffalo Talk: